Section A - Foundations

AA School District Legal Status

ABA Community and Parent Involvement in Decision Making

AC Non-Discrimination, Equal Opportunity

ACA Sexual Harassment

ACA-R Sexual Harassment Regulation

AC-R Non-Discrimination, Equal Opportunity

AFF Complaint Policy for Federal Programs

AFF-E Complaint Investigation Form

AH Conflict Disclosure and Authorization

AH-E(1) Request for Board Waiver

AH-E(2) Waiver Authoriation

Section B - Board

BA Board Operational Goals

BB School Board Legal Status

BBA School Board Powers And Duties

BBAA Board Member Authority

BBB School Board Elections

BBBE Unexpired Term Fulfillment

BBF Board Member Code of Ethics

BBFA Board Member Conflict Of Interest

BCB Board Officers

BCD School Board and Superintendent Relationship

BCD-E School Board and Superintendent Relationship Function

BCE Board Committees

BCG School Attorney

BD School Board Meetings

BDA Electronic Communication By Board Members

BDC Executive Sessions

BDDA Notification of School Board Meetings

BDDB School Board Meeting Agenda Format

BDDD Quorum

BDDE Parliamentary Procedure

BDDE-E(1) Parliamentary Procedure Guide

BDDE-E(2) Parliamentary Procedure Motions Chart

BDDF Voting Method

BDDG Minutes

BDDH Public Participation at Board Meetings

BFC Policy Process

BFD Policy Dissemination

BHB Board Member Development Opportunities

BHD Board Member Compensation and Expenses

BK Evaluation Of School Board Operational Procedures

Section C - Federal Programs

CBA Superintendent

CBG Superintendent Evaluation

CC Administrative Organization Plan

CGA Business Manager Job Description

CGD State and Federal Programs Administration Title I

CGD-R State and Federal Programs Administration Title I

CHD Administration In Policy Absence

Section D - Fiscal

DA Fiscal Management Goals

DB Annual Budget

DBB Fiscal Year

DBC Budget Deadlines And Schedules

DBD Budget Planning

DBH Budget Adoption Procedures

DBK Budget Transfer Authority

DC Taxing and Borrowing Authority-Limitations

DE Revenues from Tax Sources

DFA Revenues from Investments

DG Depository Of Funds

DGA Authorized Signatures

DGD Credit Card Use and Electronic Transactions

DH Bonded Employees and Officers

DI Fiscal Accounting And Reporting

DIB Types of Funds

DIBA Unpaid balances

DIC Financial Reports and Statements

DID Inventories

DIE Audits

DJ Purchasing

DJBA Incidental Accounts

DJC Bidding Requirements

DJF Purchasing Procedures

DJG Vendor Relations

DK Payment Procedures

DLB Salary Deductions

DLC Expense Reimbursements

DM Cash In School Buildings

DN School Properties Disposal Procedure

Section E - Support Services

EBB Accident Prevention and Safety Procedures

EBC Emergency Plans

EBC-R Contingency Support Team - Emergencies

EBCA Bomb Threats

EBCB Fire Drills

EBCC Emergency Lockdowns

EBCD Emergency Closings

ECA Video Surveillance

ECAA Equal Access

ECAB Access to Grounds and Buildings

ECAB Vandalism

EEA Student Transportation Services

EEACA Drug and Alcohol Testing For School Bus Drivers

EEAD Special Use Of School Buses

EF Food Services Management

EGA Community and Parent Involvement in Decision Making

EGAA Printing and Duplication Services_Copyright Materials

EI Insurance Management

EIC Health Insruance Deductible Payment Policy

Section F - Facilities

FC Facilities Capitalization Program

Section G - Personnel

GA Personnel Goals, Priority Objectives

GBA Equal Opportunity Employment

GBAA Harassment

GBB Criminal Background Check

GBC Staff Code of Conduct

GBCA Staff Conflict Of Interest

GBCBB Media and Social Networking Sites

GBEB Employee Communicable Diseases

GBEB-R Employee Communicable Disease Guidelines

GBEBC Staff Gifts and Solicitations

GBEC Drug-Free Work Place

GBECA Drug and Alcohol Testing for Commercial Drivers

GBED Tobacco

GBG Staff Health and Safety

GBH Staff Participation in Community Activities

GBI Staff Participation in Political Activities

GBJ Personnel Records

GBM Staff Complaints And Grievances

GBM-E Staff Complaints and Grievances - Form

GBM-R Staff Complaints and Grievances

GCAA-R Teacher-Job Description

GCAB-R Principal-Job Description

GCBDD Military Leave

GCCAC  Family and Medical Leave

GCD Professional Staff Hiring Policy

GCL Professional Staff Development Opportunities

GCN Teacher Evaluation

GCPA Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force

GCPC Early Retirement Policy for Teachers

GCPD Suspension without Pay and Dismissal of Professional Staff Member

GCPDA Professional Staff Member administrative Leave with Pay

GDN Support Staff Evaluation

Section I - Instruction

ICA School Year

IG Curriculum Development

IGAB Human Relations Education

IGAG Teaching About Drugs

IGBA Programs for Handicapped Children

IGDG Student Activities Funds Management

IGDJ Concussion Awareness and Prevention

IGEB Honorary Diplomas

IGEB-E Veterans Application for a High School Diploma

IHBF Homebound Instruction

IIA Assignment of Students to Teachers

IIAA Textbook Selection and Adoption

IIAC Library Materials Selection and Adoption

IIB Class Size

IICA Student Travel

IICA-R Student Travel Regulation

IJNDB Virtual_Online Courses

IJNDC Notebook And Internet Acceptable Use Policy

IKA HS Grading

IKC Class Ranking

IKE Promotion and Retention Of Students

IKF Graduation Requirements

INDA Patriotic Exercises

Section J - Students

JB Equal Educational Opportunities

JCA Open Enrollment

JEA Compulsory Attendance Ages

JEB Ages of Att_Entrance Ages

JFA School Admission

JFAA Admission of Resident Students

JFABB Admission of Foreign Exchange Students

JFAC Admission of Students from Unaccredited Schools

JFB Education of Homeless Children

JFC Student Withdrawal from School

JFCH Alcohol And Other Drug Use By Students

JH Student Absences

JHB Truancy

JHBB Student Attendance Accounting

JHC Student Dismissal

JHD Exclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance

JI Student Rights and Responsibilities

JIA Student Due Process Rights

JICA Student Dress Code

JICDD Student Bullying

JICFA Hazing

JICG Tobacco-Free Schools

JICI Possession or Use Of A Weapon

JICJ Cell Phones and Portable Digital Devices

JICJ-R Cell Phones and Portable Digital Devices-Regulation

JICK Harrassment

JIH Search and Seizure

JJAA School Activity Rules

JJAB Student Clubs and Organizations

JJE Student Fundraising Activities

JJH Student Travel

JJHA Senior Trip

JJI Student Athletics and Activities

JK Student Discipline

JKA Corporal Punishment

JKD School Suspension

JK-R Student Discipline-Regulation

JL Student Wellness

JL-E Wellness Policy

JLCC Communicable_Infectious Diseases

JLCC-R Communicable_Infectious Diseases

JLCD Medication

JLCD Student HIV

JLF Reporting Child Abuse

JLI Student Safety

JLIA Supervision of Students

JLIA-R Supervision of Students - Regulation

JP Student Donations and Gifts

JQ Student Fees

JRA Student Records

JRA-R Student Records - Regulation

JRC Notification of Rights under FERPA

Section K - Community Relations

KDDMedia Relations

KDG Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages on School Property

KG Community Use of School Facilities

KG-E Facility Use And Equipment Agreement

KGB Public Conduct On School Property

KH Public Gifts to Schools

KI Public Solicitations

KL Complaints Concerning School Personnel

KL-E Complaint Concerning School Personnel Form

KLB Public Complaints about the Curriculum or Instructional Materials

KMC Annual Notification to Parents