Campus Portal Guide

Welcome to the Infinite Campus Parent and Student Portal Information Page

During the school year, the student information system, Infinite Campus, will provide information about your child’s achievement and more.

 Campus Portal is a confidential and secure website that provides parents/guardians and students with real-time access to the following information to better understand, monitor and participate in the educational process.

  • Calendars
  • Grades
  • Attendance
  • Reports
  • Update email Addresses
  • Schedules
  • District/School notices
  • Demographic Information
  • Add/edit household and non-household contacts (pending site approval)
  • Update household phone numbers
  • Update emergency contacts

What is Infinite Campus Portal? Campus portal is a secure, web-based student information system that provides real-time information to users with a valid account. Additionally, Campus Portal is organized as a family-based system, which means a parent/guardian with multiple children within the district can use one log-in to view information for all their children.  

For more specific information click on the buttons in the graphic below. If you hover over the buttons, an overview of the information will show.    

Attendance and Schedule tab  Click for information on how to view and change household information including: address, phone numbers, email Click for information on how to  view results of state and national standardized tests 
Click for information on how to Put the power of Campus Portal on your phone or other mobile device    
 Click for information on how to How to check the grades and specific student assignment information  Click for information on how to check lunch balances  Click for information on how to  view reports including report cards, midterms and more

What is Campus Student? Campus Student is the student version of Campus Portal.  Each student has one valid account to access information about his/herself. Campus Student is a confidential and secure with real-time access to the following information:

  • Weekly Overview
  • Grades
  • Attendance
  • Schedule
  • Announcements
  • To Do List
  • Reports and Report Cards
  • Locker Number and Combination

First Time Users:  First time users of Campus Portal must contact the school to create an account for you, or have an activation key to set up the account on your own.  If you would like your activation key, please contact the school office. If you have children in more than one building level, you only need one key.  If you have your activation key, please refer to "Activating Your Campus Portal Account" for directions on setting up your account for the first time.  You will also need to enter your non-household emergency contacts.  Please be aware the guardians are the primary emergency contacts (therefore, do not need to be added as emergency contacts).  Please refer to to "Adding Non-Household Emergency Contacts."

Where do I login?

Click on the green "Infinite Campus Portal" graphic above, or click here

Problems Logging In?

If you cannot remember your login credentials, please contact the school office.

If you receive a message that your account is disabled, please contact the school office.