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Wolsey-Wessington High School

375 Ash Street SE
Wolsey, SD  57384
phone: (605) 883-4221
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Principal: Jennifer Boomsma-Kelsey email

Welcome back, Warbirds and Lady Warbirds!  I am looking forward to working with all of you and seeing what you can accomplish this year-in the classroom, in your activities, and in your own lives.  Last year you heard the SOAR motto hundreds of times, and you will continue to do so this year.  To some of you it may sound cheesy, but if you follow this throughout your high school years and carry these principles into your adult life, you will be even more successful!  Show integrity; own our learning; accept responsibility; respect self and others. 

As the oldest group of students in our school community, you are natural leaders.  Our staff looks to you to provide strong examples of SOAR on and off school grounds, and your leadership helps guide our younger students and leads them to be more successful!  All of your teachers, administration, and other staff members have high expectations for you and strive to not only teach you the academic skills you need for your future, but also work hard to help instill the characteristics that will help you throughout your life.

Show integrity; do what is right even when no one else is watching.  Having integrity includes treating each other fairly, being sincere and honest, and being truthful.  Be someone that others can count on; be trustworthy and a good friend to others.

Own your learning.  All of the skills you are presented with in high school help prepare you for your future. Whether you go to vocational school, college, the military, or directly into the workforce, owning your learning and doing your very best while in high school will pay off.

Accept responsibility.  All of us make mistakes every day.  The most important part of making mistakes is what happens after the mistake.  Learn from what went wrong and work hard to not make the same mistake next time.  Don’t expect to be perfect because none of us are.

Respect self and others.  You need to respect yourself to feel good about yourself.  If you are struggling with that, please do not hesitate to talk with a teacher, an adult outside the school, or Mrs. Stevens.  Respecting yourself and feeling good about who you are will help you respect others and everything around you.  You will find that if you show respect to another person that you will earn his/her respect, and everything else becomes easier to deal with.  As I said, do not hesitate to talk with Mrs. Stevens.  Our school board and administration feel strongly about mental health, which is why we added another counselor.  Our counselors are trained to help you through difficult times; please let them.

Here’s to an amazing 2019-20 school year!  Remember to SOAR every day and to always work hard to make someone’s day better!!

Mrs. Boomsma-Kelsey

Superintendent/HS Principal



Welcome to Wolsey-Wessington High School, home of the Warbirds. Wolsey-Wessington is a consolidated school district which includes Wolsey and Wessington as well as the Virgil Area. The high school currently has an enrollment of 110 students 9-12. Wolsey-Wessington began a 1:1 computer initiative and a four-day school week in the fall of 2009. 

Wolsey-Wessington High School offers a wide variety of courses including the use of Transdisciplinary Problem Based Learning. The offerings include Advanced Math, English and Science courses and numerous Career and Technical Education classes. We are proud of our academic success and extra-curricular success.