Registration Guidelines 

In order to schedule students effectively, the following guidelines will be used. 

  • All students in grades 9-12 must be enrolled in six (6) courses per semester.
  • Students need permission from the counselor to take a dual credit course.
  • Students desiring to take more than 6 classes must have approval from administration and/or counselor. 
  • Courses with too few students registered may not be offered.
  • Adjustments to a schedule after the registration process will be made ONLY to balance classes, resolve conflicts, and meet requirements. 
  • To meet graduation requirements, seniors will have first priority in course selection. 
  • Parental signature is required on all registration forms .

Students should give their course-planning careful consideration and should check with parents, teachers, administration and the school counselor if they have questions.

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High School Graduation Requirements

(1.) Four units of Language Arts – must include:

a. Writing – 1.5 units

b. Literature – 1.5 units

c. Speech or Debate – .5 unit

d. Language Arts elective – .5 unit

(2.) Three units of Mathematics – must include:

a. Algebra I – 1 unit

b. *Algebra II – 1 unit

c. *Geometry – 1 unit

(3.) Three units of Lab Science – must include:

a. Biology – 1 unit

b. Any Physical Science – 1 unit

c. *Chemistry or Physics – 1 unit


(4.) Three units of Social Studies – must include:

a. U.S. History – 1 unit

b. U.S. Government – .5 unit

c. World History – .5 unit

d. Geography – .5 unit

(5.) One unit of the following-any combination:

a. Approved Career & Technical Education

b. Capstone Experience or Service Learning

c. World Language

(6.) One unit of Fine Arts

(7.) One-half unit of Personal Finance or Economics

(8.) One-half unit of Physical Education

(9.) One-half unit of Health or Health Integration



Required Courses at W-W

Freshman: Algebra 1, World History/Geography, English 9, Freshman Academy, Physical Science

Sophomore: Biology, English 10, Speech, Personal Finance, Health & Physical Education

Junior: American History, English 11

Senior: Government, English 12